Fondazione Fabio Casartelli

The "Fondazione" was created Albese con Cassano, the City of Fabio Casartelli, for sport, cultural and social rights.


It originated a group of Fabio's friends who had followed his sporting career, including the coronation of the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.

A "fan club" which, after the tragic death of champion, was transformed to constitute the Foundation as it is known today.


The foundation received official recognition from the Lombardy Region dated 26 February 1999, during a ceremony attended by Fabio family: his wife Annalisa, his son Marco and his parents. Alongside them, the President of the Lombardy Region Roberto Formigoni, who presented the original creation of the Foundation to its president.


A ceremony oh! How symbolic that punctuate efforts to raise funds for the creation of the Foundation. then began a new cycle, which was not less important, since it was to pursue with determination the work initiated by the initiator combination of the Foundation Fabio conserve memory in time "that remain living man, the champion and his sporting achievements "...


A desire, a willingness of the relatives of the champion which led, on 13 June 1996 at the birth of Fabio Casartelli Foundation, almost three years before its official recognition by the Lombardy Region. "Ninety-five developers of the initiative" became the founding members of the Foundation, including President Gianluigi Luisetti and Pierluigi Marzorati ..


Since the Foundation has remained true to its policy: the disbursement of funds for athletes or former athletes who require special and priority support; the creation of scholarships for deserving young athletes, to enable them to continue their education; the release of funds to promote youth education and active participation in society; the organization of conferences, exhibitions, debates, meetings, sports events - particularly in cycling.


The Foundation is, of course, non-profit and the proceeds of all initiatives and all the events it promotes is donated to charitable organizations and registered associations and recognized for their commitment and their actions in social work .


Special attention, finally, led by Fabio Casartelli Foundation at the young: she asks about their growth, their sports education, raises awareness of the rules and road behavior and working to improve security.

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