The Organizer:


The Organization Wheel-free Casartelli strives to offer maximum safety at the races
> It points out the path by a signposting system and panels.
> She noted areas of particular risk
(Dangerous downhill bend, damaged coating, work, etc.).
> The position signalers (Volunteer) in sufficient numbers on the course at strategic locations (crossings, work ....)
> Motorized signalers complete the system on the courses. There is provided at least one opening car and a brush car.
> Medical services provided by ambulances accompanied by three doctors.

The runners


> Each participant accepts the risks associated with its participation, including risks to health, falls and collisions, and risks relating to road traffic and bad weather.

> It is the responsibility of each rider to ensure before participating in an event that is in perfect health and capable of the physical effort required to participate in the event he entered.

Today, federal regulations require us to require a medical certificate to confirm your registration. Do not just this simple certificate, we consider this insufficient medical approach to the efforts required to cross the passes that we offer.

We urge you to pass a thorough medical examination, accompanied by a stress test, an electrocardiogram and of course have adequate physical preparation. Be responsible, think about your health.

> Each participant must ensure in advance, especially from his national federation, he is properly insured against accidents and civil liability.

> Participants must wear a hard shell helmet on the entire course, on pain of exclusion from the race.

> Participants must respect, in all circumstances, the code of the applicable route and the routes are roads open!

> Participants will demonstrate sportsmanship.

> Participants will adopt a behavior environmentally.

<Vehicles personal trackers are prohibited. If necessary, the participant will be disqualified by the organizer.