The Sculpture FLIGHT OF LIGHT creates by the Italian sculptor Bruno Luzzani, is a hymn in the life.

Born to remind the tragic disappearance of a man and a cyclist, this sculpture expresses the sense of the life of somebody who completely gave himself to the ideal in which he believed.

The shape is a breath of life which dashes to the pure sky, as if Fabio continuous drag on the roads and

laces up the sky.

The material excites the lighting effect as if he wanted to express the serenity of a smile, a smile of Fabio Casartelli, sculptured for ever in the heart of those who knew him and loved.

The sculpture becomes a symbol of the cycling: it is ideal sign or are exalted.

the effort, the passion, the pain and the sweat of every cyclist of yesterday, of today and of tomorrow.

The choice of the marble of Garfagnana is not fortuitous. It is the material of the Italian classic art.

The marble is life, nobility, purity and harmony. Two marble types were chosen, extracted from the

famous careers of Tuscany of CARRARE:

- The white Marble P. Campaccio: flawless, absolute material of a purity nor veinings.

- The grey marble Bardiglio Imperiale: material which exalt by contrast the qualities of the white.

The sculpture represents a white big wheel supported by a drapery. The wheel leaves a furrow in the grey marble base representing the asphalt of the road.

The sculptured group possesses a dynamic shape which, of the contingent, heightens towards the eternal.

In the back it is a lenticular wheel, it also shows the name and the logo of Fabio's team (Motorola Cycling Team) on the base, the memory of a sports, professional and human link.

Of this quoted the drapery deploys in flag, the white flag with five Olympic rings, in memory of the the golden medal in the olympics of Barcelona of 1992.

It is the highly-rated of the ground memories, the enjoyments and the defeats, the races and the efforts.

In front of you it is a wheel with beams, the classic wheel of the bike, the one who continues in the

time; but the wheel lends itself to represent the celestial range, that of the spirit.

It is indeed, the spiritual kingdom of the infinity, of the eternal there, of the life which lasts beyond the death in a sublimated dimension.

The drapery dashes on this side, in a celestial wing, as in an endless flight.

The wheel in general creates, on the grey marble base, a tear, a sign of the tragedy of a life taken so early, along one of the most difficult and spectacular stages of the Tour de France 1995.

On the grey marble base, to the left are engraved the personal data of Fabio: the first name, the name,

its date of birth and its Olympic title.

In the right of these information a sundial realized thanks to the collaboration and thanks to the astronomical calculations of Danilo Fioretti.

3 curves of the sun are represented: his date of birth, date of its Olympic title and the date of its death.

The sundial, in its naturality, marks the passage of time by stealing a beam every day for all eternity.

Above on the left of these registrations, near the first name, always thanks to danilo Fioretti's astronomical calculations, was drilled a hole which a ray of sunshine will cross every year on July

18th At noon, to throw it on the basis of a cavity dug in the marble, as if Fabio was always present in the place or his ground life was during flight transformed of LIGHT.